The Landlord App Lite 1.9.5

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Developed for the landlord who actively manages his or her own properties.

The Lite Version provides full functionality except user can only save one property. Also, Ads are featured in the lite version. Upgrade to the full version for multiple properties and an ad free application. Lite version credit available upon request if you decide to upgrade to the full version.

Are you managing your properties efficiently?

Managing your own rentals can lead to a serious draw on your time, pulling you away from your family and things you enjoy during your free time. This is something we have to accept and deal with as part of the package deal which comes with being a real-estate investor, Right? Not if your using TheLandlordApp. TheLandlordApp was developed specifically for the landlord who actively manages his or her portfolio of properties.

Do you advertise on Craigslist? Ever wish you could post listings with one click?

Have you ever wanted to track your miles through the year and be able to instantly display them come tax time?

Have you ever wished you could send a text message or email to all your tenants with one click?

Have you ever wanted to know instantly how much cash flow your properties were earning?

Have you ever wanted to be able to track your miles driven while on the road without having to write it down?

Have you ever wished you could send reminders of rent due or rent late on the road with one click?

TheLandLordApp does all these functions and more!

TheLandLordApp simplifies the process of managing your properties by putting all the necessary tools in the palm of your hand. Users no longer are dependent on their PC’s at home to track and access their business records.

TheLandlordApp does everything you already do at home to manage your properties while keeping all the important information in your front pocket. Struggling to capture tax data? No problem. All the data stored is exportable to excel making it easy to do an end of the year tax summary. That means data entered such as Miles driven, rents collected, expenses paid, supplies paid, utilities paid are all stored in the app and able to be exported when needed for taxes.

TheLandlordApp has 4 main functions, Property Summary, Financial Summary, Miles, Rentals Available, which are integrated into a native software package that will work harder than anyone on your team.

The Property Summary function allows you to input all of your rental property information to include rental income, deposits, lease dates, tenant information, and expenses paid.

The Financial Summary function will give you an instant summary of your cash flow for each month and year to date for each property entered. The summary will even graph out which property is your biggest money maker.

The Miles tab allows you to log in miles traveled while recording the date and location as well.

Rentals Available rounds off this power punching application by telling you instantly which rentals are available and allowing you to quickly advertise to craigslist “homes available for rent”.

Smartphone users can visit for a full list of included management tools, exciting benefits, and time saving features.

By downloading and using The LandlordApp users agree to the End User License Agreement for The LandlordApp at

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